Our Building Process

  • Step 1

    Select Local Hardwood

  • Step 2

    Cut, then Finished Trimmed

  • Step 3

    Table Boards Are Joined

  • Step 4

    Sanding for 8-12 Hours

  • Step 5

    Apply Finish as Directed by Client

Select Local Hardwood

Select Local Hardwood

First, local hardwoods are selected from our limited supply in current use. We drive to farms about monthly to pick out slabs best suited to most of our projects. Wood slabs must be planed in order to show to clients via personal photos or in-house visits so they can gauge the actual character and tones. If some of our boards come to us from the sawmill wider than 20", we must cut them lengthwise in order to run through the planer. The lengthwise cuts are always necessary down the line if not done initially. They ensure our tables will lay flat for indefinite lengths of time.

Cut, then Finished Trimmed

Cut, then Finished Trimmed

Once boards are selected for a project they are cut for proper custom dimensions and then finished trimmed to insure that seams are virtually unseen when the table is assembled.

Table Boards Are Joined

Table Boards Are Joined

Table boards are joined with dominos and industrial strength adhesive then clamped for 24 hours. The type of joinery we employ is called loose tenon, which allows the wood a minimum of natural movement to ensure against cracking.

Sanding for 8-12 Hours

Sanding for 8-12 Hours

Once unclamped, we begin the process of sanding with at least 5 different grits of sandpaper from rough down to fine 220 grit. Sometimes it is also necessary to do hand or electric planing to level off all the boards. The sanding process requires approximately 8-12 hours depending on the size of the table.

Apply Finish as Directed by Client

Apply Finish as Directed by Client

Lastly, we finish our tables in an endless variety of ways, all directed by clients. The last step is spraying on a clear sealer in matte, satin (most common) or semi-gloss. We attempt to use green finishing products whenever possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have my table made out of a single slab?

Single slab tables made of American hardwoods in standard widths are quite rare and much, much more costly than most of the tables we make, often costing 3 times as much or more. Clients often believe our tables are made of single slabs, but this is all the art of our craft.

Can you please send me photos of different kinds of slabs you have currently?

We generally have 1 to 2 types of wood on hand at any given time. If you are looking for something specific, we can definitely source it for you however, sourcing takes a good deal of time! Typically we take a 50% deposit to begin a project requiring special sourcing. We have become content to work an incredibly long time with clients in order to assure they’ll be happy with their tables once done. We NEVER impose any kind of time limit on a project.

Another influence on whether we can send pictures of slabs right away is if the slabs have been planed or not. Looking at un-planed slabs is like looking at the sky with very dark glasses on–you really can’t see any kind of truth. Planing wood is an incredibly difficult job requiring 2 to 3 people and taking full several hours to accomplish. Therefore, we don’t always have planed wood on hand.

Please send me pictures of what you have in stock for 6,7,8,9 or 10′ tables?

We almost never have tables ‘in stock’ that are unsold. We are an intentionally small studio able to operate by leading an artisan teaching co-op. We do not aspire to ever grow into a big concern but prefer doing detailed projects one-at-a-time. This approach keeps us very busy and so we rarely have time to do much speculative work. Occasionally, we do introduce design/detail elements though.

Why doesn’t a 6′ table cost little less than an 8′ table?

We cannot ask a tree farm to cut boards to the lengths desired by our clients. We must buy whatever lengths are on hand, which can’t be foreseen as the live edge market is unpredictable and can be seasonally volatile in prices.

Why is a 2″ thick table of the same width and length so much more than a 1&1/2″ thick table?

Wood is sold by board-foot which means there is a cost for 1′ by1′ by 1″ of thickness. For each full additional inch of thickness, the price of the wood doubles.

Can I pick out the exact boards for my table?

Yes absolutely, however typically this happens once we’ve entered into an agreement and received a deposit.

Do you have a showroom or actual store?

We do not have a brick and mortar store but we love to have visitors to our studio and keep very flexible hours since we live in the same building where we work. Evenings and weekends are fine, just so we know ahead of time when to expect a potential client.

Explain shipping and delivery policies please

We are located in Providence RI and deliver locally at no charge. Large items must be carried indoors by clients, where we assemble.
We deliver to Boston Metro, Connecticut along Interstate 95, NYC and N. Jersey along a flexible schedule that allows us to bring more than a single delivery per load. Often we come at least once a month. This service is free and curbside. We deliver once indoors.

We can provide freight shipping quotes with a zip code.

How long does it take you to complete a project?

4-6 weeks. We will let you know if our lead times are currently longer.

What kind of table bases do you have in stock?

We do not stock table bases. We work with more than one metal fabricator and can have almost anything made from metal. Please send us photos of what interests you for quotes. Yes we do also retail table¬†bases alone. We can make a wide variety of wooden bases. Show us what you’ve seen that you like and we’ll quote the price.

Many base/leg styles in metal or wood do not change the overall price of a project.

We can finish whatever you’ve started to build in your mind

Custom furniture building needs you to first start dreaming about a dreamy setting for where your life gets made. Furniture that isn’t loved doesn’t love back, it throws rhythms off and can become a thorny reminder of needed changes. Custom furniture fits you so well and is more affordable than you might think because there are many variables that can save money along the way. We are crazy for the process of building because there are many twists in the road and it is an adventure for all involved.